Modern facilities management is a pro-active approach covering real estate, premises occupation management, business support management and staff support management. It is based on management through intelligent client function (ICF) of both in-house and external service providers through deployment of relevant ICT tools.

Our facilities management consulting services covers the following:

  • Understanding and specifying service requirements and targets.
  • Managing the implementation of outsourcing.
  • Agreeing monitoring standards performance and management
  • Benchmarking performance of outsourced services.
  • Surveying users for satisfaction with the services.
  • Providing management report to the users.
  • Understanding the facilities management market and training for in-house.
  • Designing and renewing service level specifications and Agreement.
  • Understanding strategic planning.

Furthermore, our facilities maintenance/management services usually encompass the management and maintenance of the following:

Mechanical/Electrical Works:

  • Lift system;
  • Air-conditioning/Refrigeration;
  • Ventilation systems;
  • Fire, Security and Safety; 
  • Telecommunications System;
  • Plumbing/other mechanical installation;
  • Borehole and water treatment plants;
  • Kitchen equipment;
  • Power generation and distribution systems; (Transformers, RMU Panels HT&LT)
  • Generators sets operations and fuelling; 
  • Electrical cabling and installations;
  • Lamp maintenance;

Building Works and Support Services:

  • General renovations;
  • Building fabrics/finishings;
  • Roof works;
  • Fixtures and fittings;
  • External works;
  • External and internal cleaning – floors, ceilings and walls;
  • Horticulture;
  • Fumigation/pest control;
  • Collection and disposal of refuse.

We hope to adopt the following types of facilities management approach in the maintenance of the subject facility.

(a) Routine Facility Maintenance Management:
Execution of daily scheduled work by in-house staff.
The service level specification of these daily works are to be drawn up

(b) Emergency Facilities Maintenance/Management:

  • To be carried out in order to prevent structural damage or to protect the health and safety of the building occupants.
  • The works to be handled by our in-house maintenance crew.

(c) Corrective Facilities Maintenance Management:

  • Maintenance work required to correct an occurred failure or one that is in the process of occurring.
  • Such works to be handled by in-house maintenance crew.

(d) Preventive Facilities Maintenance/Management:
Program of scheduled works based on user’s manuals and our experience.
To be executed by your retained specialist service contractors in order to prolong the useful life of the equipment, avoid major repairs and more costly breakdowns.

(e) Janitorial Maintenance:

We are poised to providing our clients a second to none royal first class services in the area of office cleaning, after program Clean up, Home Services and Post-construction cleanings. As such, we have at our disposal committed, well trained and reliable staff and state of the art equipments to carry out the cleaning activities of the following:

  • Day to day cleaning of the building components, Common areas, internal sections/offices and Lavatories

(f) Waste Management and Maintenance of Landscaped Premises:

This is to be handled by our in house retained staff.

  • Daily collection of trash cans from the offices to the designated receptacles.
  • Liaise with Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) for prompt evacuation of waste from the premises.
  • Waste receptacles maintenance.
  • Daily watering of plants.
  • Mowing of lawns.